Wenlock's Journal

Alturiak 12th, 1491 DR

I usually don’t keep a journal, but ah, what the hell? Can’t hurt to experience something new, right? Hahahaha.

The past couple of weeks have been fun! I finally broke away from my family’s jester traditions for the Marshalls, and I’m now off adventuring on my own. People seem to love my music and stories, and my juggling has wooed a damsel or two as well! This whole gig seems to have a lot of walking in it, though — more walking than I thought I’d ever do in my life.

Alas, that’s one of the keys of being an adventurer: keep on walking, kill some evil people, and almost die a bunch. But I feel like I’m getting stronger, wiser, and much more skilled in the arts of the arcane. I even worked in some of my new skills to my entertainer’s act!

My allies are interesting folks, and they seem to enjoy my antics for the most part. Eredan is an old elf druid/dude, and Phi is a quiet elf lady – they both seem more serious than silly. But hey, nothing wrong with a little seriousness in life. I know full well that I could use some more of that. Hells, Eleanor might have been right about me, even after all of these years…

But this is no time to lose focus. I must get my father’s instrument back, at (almost) any cost. These elves didn’t seem to know anything about the Nine Hells, but I’m sure we’ll all find out about them sooner or later. Just need to keep on smiling, thats key amongst the Gnomes – we find solutions instead of griping about our problems. I just need some more money, resources, and information before I can tackle my own personal demons.

Our small party is off to Rabanastre today, escorting a small trader on the “dangerous road” to the city. Who knows, maybe I’ll encounter more intimate experiences with death, (like I have a few times already)? Did you know that death appears not as the grim reaper, but as whoever you want it to be? My grim reaper looked strangely like Phi, and said something along the lines of “Damn halfling, drink this healing potion.”

And then that older Eredan fellow seems so stern all the time. Either he’s a monstrous, flesh-eating bear, or an old elf who won’t let me try on the super-secret super-cool mysterious cape that we found! What a meanie. Ah well, I’m sure there will be more enlivening relics to find and look cool with.


P.S. I’m the greatest entertainer in the land.

P.P.S. I don’t know why I wrote that P.S., no one else will read this but me. This isn’t a letter, silly. Still, it’s true.



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